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Posted Dec 28 2011 2:22pm

You’re waiting. You’ve asked all of the questions that you have been storing up and still you are not sure about it. There are still the doubts. But deep inside you know that you have to take that step forward.

You’re not sure where the road will take you, but you know that it’s time to embark upon a different type of journey. Where you are now has already been explored——you’re curious about what’s next because you’re an adventurer. You know that something great is waiting for you. You are determined to find out what that is.

You take that next step knowing you will have your share of adversity——that goes with the territory. What is more important is how you handle the adversity. When a difficult challenge is thrown at you, you are able to maintain your center and see possibilities that at one time you didn’t know existed. You couldn’t see them because you were looking for reasons not to move forward.

You were waiting for the perfect time. What you now know is that the only perfect time is now.



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