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Top 10 Survival Strategies for Finals

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am

Top 10: Survival Strategies for Finals & the Holidays

1. Plan Your Schedule and Set Some Limits.
Identify your priorities and put them on your schedule.
Learn to say no.

2. Schedule Time for Self-Care!
Make certain you set aside some time for exercise, sleep and pleasant activities.

3. Eat Well
Moderation is the key.
As much as possible eat while seated at a table.

4. Monitor Caffeine

Don’t drink too much (or you’ll feel anxious, restless and have poor sleep).

5. Stay in the Present!
Do not focus on the past or future.
Be here now.

6. Reach Out For Support and Companionship

7. Be Nice To Others.
Give compliments and smile. Avoid negative or rude people.
Do something for someone else.

8. Set Reasonable Expectations.
Prepare for the good and not so good.
Be realistic.
Forget about perfection.

9. Acknowledge Your Feelings.

10. Take a breather.

Thanks to Dr. Karla Materna of UCSD Psychological and Counseling Services for coming up with these tips.

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