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To Do or not to do.. that is the question!

Posted Oct 28 2010 2:19am
Recently I was scrolling around Kripalu’s website looking at their yoga workshops... hoping to find one that called out to me. BOY did I.. however, its not thru Kripalu and it is so much more in many ways. The one I was attracted to was by an instructor named Claire Estes-McDonough. So I started looking her up on line and found she is actually doing an 80 hr. training in Massachusetts over a course of 8 weekends. My heart started racing. The more I read the more I yearn to do this. The little yogi in me is shouting.. “sign up sign up!!!” However, the adult responsible person in me is listing all the ways it might negatively impact my life.. ie. missing work, $$ ( it is not cheap)..juggling my girls etc.
The interesting part is the day I found this, I also received angel cards in the mail. They are kind of fun. You ask a question, pull a card and your “angels” answer thru the message on the card. I figured I would give it a go.. the card I pulled was “Trustworthy”. On it it states “you received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers. This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it, knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and receive our support for anything you need related to this idea.”.. WOW. its like they are telling me to go for it? Now, I don’t always believe in this kind of stuff, but pretty ironic wouldn’t you say? I am still hemming and hawing over committing to this..but am leaning more and more to YES. Once we commit to something the universe usually provides and takes care of us. right?. until then.. we keep everything closed off.. unable to move... I will keep you posted on my decision.
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