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Time to play

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:31pm

When I was in junior school I loved getting outside at break time. This has probably contributed to my love of being outdoors now. The other thing that I liked was the ability to play, to spend time doing creative and fun things. We had a great game where we all dressed up in whatever clothes were around and held a fashion show, with judges, all over one break time. Many many children's games are connected with role playing, pretending to be a character, taking part in a drama that they call a game.

Yet as we become adults we lose that protected time to play and we shy away from pretending. This is sad as creative play is a great way to learn and also to try out new behaviour or situations. So if instead of worrying about how you might get on when you meet that new person or how it will feel when you get to your interview, just try it out and play with it, getting a friend to help.

We are also far too serious. If you approached life with a more playful attitude then how would that change your attitude? Often when I am going out to deliver training, I tell myself that I'm going out to play. So you could play at being a banker, a shop assistant, an administrator, a finance clerk, an editor, whatever your job is. Imagine how much stressful everything would seem if it was "just" play. Imagine life is a game and you are a player in your own life, you can make anything happen, the script isn't pre-written.

What will you play at today? What fun things will happen this week in the drama that is your life? What will make the next episode even more exciting?

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