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Time to Doodle

Posted Mar 24 2009 12:00am

When was the last time you doodled all over a sheet of paper? I used to fill up sheet after sheet with swirls, dots, flowers, trees with elaborate branches, random words, and my name written every which way (sometimes with different last names, if you know what I mean).  It wasn’t something I would purposefully set out to do, I just found myself doing it in between homework assignments, while talking on the phone with a friend, or while waiting on hold for something. Now I’m much busier and I really never think of doodling. Plus I use the computer so much that I don’t have paper laying around all over like I used to. But I miss doodling. It was that little time I used to give myself to stop thinking and just…doodle. I wonder if that is what our kids are doing when they color pictures? I doubt they are thinking of what toy they will play with next or wondering why their mom insisted they eat an apple at lunch instead of a cookie. It’s a time to be totally in the moment.

Today, I’m pulling out a big sheet of white paper and I’m going to let my pen go crazy all over it. I might even bring out the colored pencils and get extra crafty. Care to join me?

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