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Time Management — A Zen Approach to Productivity Tips

Posted Apr 10 2009 11:16pm

Looks like at the moment my self help blog is focusing in on the time management theme.  And the interesting thing is that once you think about something, you come across a lot of related things.

And so I came across Jonathan Mead’s blog, which you should check out:

I’m not going to repeat all his seven tips here, but just a few notes to whet your appetite:

Create a list of things you should stop!  And related to this point, stop caring about things that don’t matter.

Go through your daily to do list and think about which of these things you either hate doing or simply don’t have to do.  Find a way to get them out of your life.

And he also has a very interesting answer to perfectionism!  ;-)

Isn’t perfectionism responsible for so much procrastination? If I find myself with writer’s block, that’s what’s usually at its core.

In fact, Anne Lamott came up with a great term that probably helped generations of students overcome the fear of the blank sheet of paper:

“Shitty first drafts”  — yep, that’s exactly how she called it.

The whole idea is to get stuff on the paper and not worry about whether it’s any good.  Once it’s there, you can make it better.  But before it’s there, what are you gonna do?  Stare at your blank sheet of paper?  Or, these days, your blank screen?

And that applies to just about everything.  Sure, we won’t always be really good when we do something for the first time, but once we start doing it, we may be surprised.  And if not, and if it turns out we hate it, there’s always that list about things you should stop!

Of course, his article isn’t all about stopping things.  He also has a few points about how to turbo-charge the way you do the things you actually do — the things that matter!

Anyway, I’ve got some stuff to do ;-)

Comments?  I’d love to know what you think.


P.S.:  guess where I found out about this article?  Twitter!

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