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Thinking about not being goal orientated

Posted Nov 08 2010 7:16am
I believe that the journey is more important than the arriving. I use that idea in all my businees goals. It is about doing the right thing because I can only influence the moment I am in.

A lot of successful poker players work with this concept too. Because there is a certain amount of chance
involved in this game , they only judge themselves on having made the right move not the outcome. This means that even when they lose a hand or a game or money, they will be ok with it if they did the right thing. They know that if they do the right thing consistantly over a long period of time, they will win consistantly.

So why can I no apply that to losing weight, it seems only the result matters to me. Sod doing the right thing, I just want to get there and then forget about it. But that is not how it works - is it.

The only way to be successful at losing weight AND, more importantly, keeping it off after is to do the right thing consistantly day in, day out. And really enjoying the process / the journy! How fab would I feel every evening if I believed that whatever the result, that I have done/ate/drank/thought the right thing for myself.

I am starting to realise that that is the key to getting off the Diet roundabout.

Goals are the lighthouses to keep my on the right way during my journey. But it is the step I take right now that matters.

Concepts like 'I will start my diet next Monday after pigging out on my birthday', getting frustrated with plateaus, constanly weighing myself simply fall away.

The question is: What is the next small step I am able to take right now to take me towards my goal.

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