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Things I’m blaming the taper on

Posted Oct 04 2012 2:31pm
Dear Emily the taper-monster. You are crazy.
Here are three things that are totally due to my Chicago Marathon taper.
1. Forgetting my keys at my [locked] work building. Also known as the keys to my [locked] apartment. I figured it out when I got tho the L station on my way home. I went sprinting down the street mumbling ‘my keys, my keys, my keys’ as if someone on the street could possibly help. I got to my office door and everyone was gone. I was there 5 minutes before and everyone was there. So I cried. Yup. And got logical and realized I had several cell phone numbers of people that could let me in. So I texted them, wiped my tears (how embarrassing… drama, drama, drama), and one was running an errand down the street. Phew.
*On a side note, some times I google for images to find pictures to add into my post. If you google images “I forgot my keys’ one of the images is a swollen foot. Just so happens I am freaking out about my swollen foot. What are the chances?

This is the image from the google search — NOT my foot. My foot isn’t that swollen

2. Purchasing 3 squashes. Now people I live by myself. Why do I have an Acorn squash, a delicata squash, and a kabocha squash ready to be cooked up? Interesting. I do love squash but this seems obsessive. 
3. Taking on 50+ hours of work in a week. This is paid! Woooo! It also means that I am also tapering on sleep. That was not the plan. Ooppp. My thought process was that I would have plenty of time with the decrease in miles and crosstraining. Actually. That was wrong. Good thing is it is survey entry. So butt sitting. 
None of these things I can actually blame on tappering. It is just me. 
If you are running Chicago let me know!!! 


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