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The Purpose of Purpose

Posted Jun 19 2010 1:30pm

Purpose Ponderings  
Drifting without purpose can subconsciously escort us into an undernourished flavorless existence rooted in the unhealthy soil of apathy. Such soil left un-tilled produces weeds that choke off higher ground; leaving static soul-space.

Purpose Ponderings We can mindlessly relinquish our intuitiveness, consequentially, replacing our God given destiny with lack of compassion or the ability to comprehend the privilege that knowledge brings through wisdom and blessings on our journey.

Lack of purpose impedes, obstructs, and suffocates the very foundation of spiritual life. Fruitlessness inevitably prepares the laden soul-space for our nemesis. Our enemy relentlessly attempts to shroud the heart with indifference; predictably, we cover ourselves with an unfulfilled life blanketed by a mantle of chilling loneliness.

Purpose gives us reason. Functioning within a specific point-of-view creates in us a seed producing peaceful substance, an idea to endeavor as purpose parallels hope, hope parallels love, and love propels us into our journey of discovery. Unconditional love gently guides the heart into an authentic existence that satisfies.

"The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul. The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy, making  wise the simple" (Psalms 19:7 NLT).


That sounds great! However, I'm without purpose. I'm not very outgoing. How am I supposed to erase years of loneliness to garner a purpose to help others? No one ever helped me.


People can certainly leave their mark. Wounds are easy to receive and hard to give up. Life is indefinable, wonderful, and often messy. Holding onto wounds and bitterness creates empty soul-space. Our purpose is not in fearing life, it is what we do with what we learn, in the time we have. Holding on to pride, fear, and wounds depletes and exhausts the soul. Either we struggle to find our purpose or we become vacant. . . on purpose. Even if life seems unfair, resolve is found in choices made while standing at those many crossroads; for instance, rather or not to release toxic people from our life, or learning limitations and balance.

Occam's razor, is a theoretically principle stating the simplest solution to a problem is probably the correct one. The simple solution to finding our purpose starts by discovering who we are in Christ through prayer and the Word of God after that. . .life simply falls into place within God's predestined plan.

The Holy Spirit provides a nourishing environment to cultivate a craving for knowledge strengthening our resolve, breaking down obstructive walls that keep us from experiencing the gift of love discovered in the Word. New growth springs up enabling us to share the gift of friendship and compassion. Rather our ambition is motherhood, to garden, or to become the first woman president, without love there is no real accomplishment. . .just work.

Unconditional love is a deeper passion harvested from that tiny seedling of desire producing in us an influence of eternal blessings; unconditional love will vastly inspire others. This deeper love becomes next season's seed-tool as new love continuously deepens and strengthens us in our journey. It is the only love that asks nothing in return.

H Purpose Ponerings ow do we learn to love unconditionally after unforeseen circumstances leave us wounded? A tiny seedling of desire develops into a renewing our mind through free will. It is easier rationalizing self pity than transforming by the renewing of our mind. Pride is the enemy that keeps us from knowing and loving our own value. To recognize and accept our worth is humbling, and a prerequisite for loving others.

It is time to stop looking for God. . .and start listening to Him as He delicately touches the mind shifting our perception. Listen, as the mind of the soul fills with the Spirit of the Scriptures. Listening allows the mind to shift into hearing the wisdom of learning  self-worth, confidence, learning that love is a fuel powering us toward a destiny planned in eternity past.

Spiritual Awakenings:

(Micah 6:6-9; 1 Corinthians 3:1-3; 2 Corinthians 5:11-18; Ephesians 3:14-19; John 13:34-35; Ephesians 4:11-32; 1 Peter 2:3).

  • Scripture enters the mind (Greek nous) through positive volition (free will)

  • Knowledge filters into our spirit where the Holy Spirit resides to enlighten

  • The Holy Spirit teaches deeper knowledge within our spirit (Greek epignosis).

  • Knowledge then cycles into the heart (Greek kardia) as the heart breathes out the mind of Christ.


Are you living with purpose? Are you sowing seeds of confidence and peace? Or are you drifting in fear and loneliness? I challenge you to think about Occam's razor, the simplest solution to a problem is probably the correct one. There is a heavenly simplicity in God's plan for  the - - Purpose of Purpose? 

  Puprose Ponderings

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