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The perfect gifts for your cat

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:55am

Sadly, earlier this year my parents had to put our dog to sleep. We have never really given our pets gifts. But my cat Kodi had a hard year. Kodi and the pup were BFFs.    So perhaps we should start a new tradition. I mean, why not give a little something to your pet?    Here is what I’m considering.   1. Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats. When isn’t a good time for a cat to dress as a unicor n? Cats would LOVE this. The website also sells inflatable unicorn horns for humans. So there’s an opportunity to match your cat. Cat unicorn   2. Pet Snuggies. I adore my snuggie. Make fun all you want but the thing is so dang functional. Every breathing creature would benefit from a snuggie. This one is for dogs but I think it would also work for a cat. Another opportunity to match your cat!!! Matching snuggies!!  Snuggie     3. A butt hole cover. There is nothing worse than an exposed butt hole. I mean we humans get to wear several layers everyday to prevent our own butt hole from the elements. Shouldn’t our pets have the same luxury? Never fear… Rear Gear is here!!!     Rear Gear     So what do you think? Is Kodi going to have a little surprise under the tree?    Have a good weekend! XOXO, Emily

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