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The Name Above All Names

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:03pm

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This past Thursday afternoon I had the privilege to talk to Pastor in India. It was his 39th birthday and he was excited to see what this next year would hold in store for him and the ministry. Of course, we’re 071608-2a excited as well...watching God move never grows old.

During the course of our conversation, we were talking about our visit to India this coming March. He was very apologetic because we would not be able to preach at large gatherings or conferences. The political and religious zealots have made it very dangerous for Christians to gather in large groups; he was quite concerned for the safety of our team should we be found preaching the Gospel to large numbers of people.

As I began to think about this, I see it as a blessing. We now have an opportunity to focus on small group evangelism as we visit remote tribal villages.  Pastor said he would make a schedule for us to once again visit villages where the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ had never been preached, where we can have an eternal impact on men, women, and children who have never heard the name of Jesus. What a challenge…what an honor!

Sometimes less is more.  Sometimes fewer people and smaller gatherings give the greater possibility of more effectiveness in evangelism. After all, that’s what it’s all about—responding to the Great Commission by preaching the Gospel to all nations. In March, however, for us the “all nations” will become India’s small tribal villages.

It is the name of Jesus by which the heathen is saved unto salvation. 

It is the name of Jesus by which all men, women, and children can be saved.

It is the name of Jesus that invokes power and authority while imparting mercy and grace—the love of God toward mankind through such a precious gift of His Son.

It is the name of Jesus, the name above all other names, that is above all principalities and above all powers…even the power of Hinduism, idolatry, witchcraft, and paganism.

It is the name of Jesus that will forever be our banner in battle, in victory, in sweet retreat, and in triumph.  

It is the name of Jesus that dispels all fear of persecution, gives us courage to tread on the enemy’s territory, and empowers us to spread the good news of His gift of salvation to the hearts of those who will listen with ears to hear.

It is the name of Jesus that is boundless, limitless, and immeasurable—inexhaustible, incomprehensible, unmatchable, and unfathomable … powerful to save the rankest of all sinners, cleansing the most wretched heart, and making the dead to live again.

It is the name of Jesus that is the richest name we’ll ever speak, the most powerful word in any language, the One who Himself is more than enough.

Pray for Heart of God in India…for all evangelists in India who have a heart to minister truth to the Indian people even amid the risk of great persecution and even loss of life.  The threats of persecution and danger they face is great, but even greater is the power found in the Name above all names … the name of Jesus!

Jan Sig

© Jan Ross
All Rights Reserved

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