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The Land Girls

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:26pm

There was a delightful piece on the radio the other night about the Land Girls. These were the women who took over the men's jobs in the countryside during the second world war. They worked in agriculture and forestry helping to keep the country fed. They received no recognition in the way that the soldiers did.

Now, 60 years on, their contribution has been recognised with the issue of special badges. One of them said that it may be late but its great that their contribution is now shown to be appreciated.

This got me thinking about the expression "its never too late to say you are sorry". Actually its also never too late to say "Thanks!". So often in life we don't actually show our appreciation at the time that we receive that good advice, or support or a helping hand. Maybe we were in no fit state to do it, or couldn't find the words or the moment wasn't right. Whatever, its never too late.

So my weekend challenge to you is - Who have you not thanked adequately for some help, support, advice, understanding or just for being there or being themelves? How can you show them that appreciation, even if the actual deed was many weeks, months or or even years ago? How will you feel when you have done that?

Remember that what goes around comes around. If you have several people to thank then there are probably several people out there who want to thank you.

Pick up that pen now and just start writing!

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