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The Intentional Planner Review

Posted Jun 07 2010 1:59pm

Homeschooling Curriculum copy

  Meredith Review BB

Sheri Graham is a busy homeschooling mom with a houseful of children. She also runs her own business and writes books. Somewhere in all that hard work, she manages to post a blog each day. I am encouraged and challenged by Sheri and her ministry.

To do all that she does, and to to it all so well, Sheri must be a very organized lady! So, when she sent me her Intentional Planner to review, I was eager to see it. I like to learn from other homeschooling moms who do all things well.

The Intentional Planner The Intentional Planner is an E-book that you can download the minute you purchase it on Graham Family Ministries online store. You can make as make copies as you need and put together as many planners as you need for your family. Before I tell you any more about it, though, I have to give you some really good news! The Intentional Planner only costs $5.00.  Yes, that's right, only $5.00 for 247 pages of wisdom from Graham Family Ministries. I could not believe that you could spend so little and get so much!

With a desire to combine her planner, calendar, journal, and home management binder into one notebook, Sheri created the Intentional Planner. It is everything you need to manage your home and home school in one neat package. There are fields on the pages available to customize your planner too.
This planner is laid out very simply.
  • Front Section:  Daily Planning Pages
  • Tab #1:  Monthly Calendars
  • Tab #2:  To Do Lists
  • Tab #3:  My Daily Journal
  • Tab # 4:  Miscellaneous Lists
  • Tab # 5:  Menu Planning & Cleaning Schedules
  • Tab # 6:  Homeschool:  Lesson Plans
  • Tab # 7:  Homeschool:  Reading Lists
  • Tab # 8:  Homeschool:  Current Year
  • Tab # 9:  Homeschool:  Long Term Plans
  • Tab # 10:  Homeschool:  Articles/Information
There are 4 different covers to chose from:  blue, green, red, and purple. The same covers are also available with only the border so that you can make up your own title for your planner. Throughout the planner, there are several opportunities to personalize your planner.

The daily planner pages are the "heartbeat" of The Intentional Planner . The The Weekly Evaluation and Planning Page touches my heart every time I read it. There are spiritual examination questions. One question is "Where am I lacking in the fruits of the Spirit?" Ouch! I forget to ask myself questions like that. The page goes on to ask you to come up with practical ways to
  • Strengthen my relationship with the Lord
  • Bless my husband
  • Love my children
  • Serve others
  • Encourage others
  • Simplify my life
I love the idea of starting each week with these questions and challenges. I commend Sheri for making this planner intentional by bringing prayer and self-examination into it. 

The daily planning sheets that follow have 4 sections:  Daily Schedule, Appointments, To Do Items, and Notes.

Next, comes the monthly calendar pages, monthly plans pages, dates to remember pages, birthday/anniversary chart, to do lists, Bible reading schedule, memory work prayer list, personal reading list, and personal reading journal.

The goals section follows with room for family/ministry goals, health goals, handcraft goals, personal goals, and business goals. A daily journal section is a nice touch in this planner. I like to carry around little notebooks to journal in, so I liked the idea of this section.

The miscellaneous section has lots of neat, rather random pages.
  • Membership websites
  • User names and passwords
  • Thankful Page
  • Photograph pages
  • Books to review
  • Blog ideas
  • E-book Ideas
The Menu Section has a master shopping list, shopping lists, menu pages, and weekly chore charts.

The Intentional Planner Graham family Lesson plan sheets, yearly schedules, monthly schedules for each child, history planning sheets, school calendar (M-F) sheets, reading lists, history read-alouds, science read-alouds, literature read-alouds, resources list, homeschool planning sheets, and long-term planning sheets fill the homeschool sections. All of these sheets were helpful and easy to use. I really liked the homeschooling sheets and couldn't think of anything that I would need that was missing.

After homeschooling for so many years, I felt like Sheri's planner was exactly what I would need and use as a homeschool mom.

One thing I love about all Sheri's books is that she gives clear instructions. In this case, she gives you step-by-step instructions to put the planner together. She also gives great instructions for each section and how to fill in the fields to personalize your very own planner.

As a homeschool mom, I find that the greatest challenge is juggling home, school, church, co-op, and other activities that I'm involved in. Time management is a huge factor me, making the difference between being effective in my life or feeling like I am struggling to keep up with everything. I want to be proactive! How about you?
"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom....May the favor of the Lord rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us--yes, establish the works of our hands," (Psalm 90:12-17 NIV).

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