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The gaming Italian Job│Black Hawk Mines

Posted Nov 07 2012 7:26am 1 Comment

Everyone knows about World of Warcraft, but the game that really established fantasy online roleplaying games (RPG) was Ultima Online, way back in the '90s. And well, it's the only online RPG to have played host to its creator?s (virtual) assassination. No, really.

Just as John Malkovich?s character sought to take out the president in The Day Of The Jackal, so a pesky bunch of UO players murdered the character of the man who invented the game, Richard Garriott.

During a beta test in 1997, Lord British, as his player was called, was scheduled to make an appearance in the game. His character was meant to be invincible, but when the server had to be restarted, he forgot to turn this power back on - thus giving a player known as Rainz the opportunity to set him on fire, much to the surprise of onlookers.

Of course, there was a slight deviation from the plot of the 1993 movie - the assassin actually got away with it, until he was banned from the game for other offences.

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