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The French Chanel Boutique – Fashion And Beauty’s Incarnation

Posted Aug 27 2012 3:37am

Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day. Chanel 2010 Fashion Whether you own it today? Well, whatever you are and I think you must pay attention to the latest news: CHANEL. Because it can improve the level of your life and change your style when you think of how to match your fashion brand? So look here!

According to the professional report, the French Chanel theme boutique in the lush private garden and shimmering with swimming pool, Chanel Mini Bags are a senior hand mate series and 2012 spring & summer senior clothing series, avant-garde bold modern design and mansion exquisite costly feeling ripping foil each other, delicate acme theme shop was pleasing to the eye. However, for such feeling, like at home general spacious living room, decorated with white walls and chevron parquet, senior hand mate series of flowery color reflects on its Chanel Handbags Online. Roseo, gold and a variety of rich and scintillation subtle burnish metal color. Sculptural large cube spread in advanced garment and accessories series display area. Introduction and distinct outline, form bright color contrast.

In here, especially when you through the delicate antique door, and walked into a comfortable the fitting room, each compartment has the resplendent bronze car cloth act the role, here more is to enjoy the quiet warmth, and delicate poles of a debutante life. Just think, which the sun was pour down from the glass roof, the scene appears increasingly moving, perfect wonderful atmosphere perfect correspondence, the holy elcantante comfortable holiday life. Chanel Wallet on Chain A six meters long champagne gold bar, with different color presents colorful luster. Lustre twinkle cream-colored smallpox condole supports, refined high chair, here to try all kinds of clothing jewelry and accessories, this is a kind of enjoyment. A garden between mirror decoration bower, decoration with a few pieces of color armchair, which is lazy relaxing excellent place.

Finally, which add to this that swimming pool house act the role of delicate not like physical, it is more like the princess room elegant decoration. Coco Chanel Handbags From chocolate, wine red, beige, to India pink and mustard yellow, all show the most excellent color collocation art. Swimming pool microwave clear cloud-covered has also become the excellent landscape foil. Now I think if I were you, I would have gone to do because I never stand the temptation from CHANEL. So do you?

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