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The elevator pitch - your mission statement

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:06pm

How do you respond when someone asks you ‘What do you do?’ Do you have a short, succinct, attention-grabbing, conversation-provoking answer? If not, now is a great time to come up with this answer. This will help guide you and keep you focused in your activities. Your answer to the ‘what do you do’ question is the key ingredient to your elevator pitch.

You want to craft an answer that will spark conversation. Something that sounds so exciting that the person asking the question will certainly ask more questions and want to continue talking with you. You want to avoid the pat, boring, traditional answers that tend to go in one ear of the person you are talking to and out the other.

Another reason to create a rockin’ answer to that question is to inspire yourself. It should be something that gets you excited. A well-crafted answer will inspire you and motivate you to take the actions necessary to create great success. It can become your personal mission statement.

I strongly encourage you to devote some time to crafting your elevator pitch and your answer to the ‘what do you do?’ question. Once you create your pitch, write it on a card and keep it with you so that you can read it several times each day. Let this inspire you and guide you on a daily basis. You can evaluate your decisions and actions by checking to see if they align with your new pitch or mission statement.

I used to struggle with the “what do you do” question and never had a good answer. I didn’t like the way the conversation went as soon as I mentioned that I was a psychologist. People automatically assumed that I was practicing clinical psychology and treating mental illness. Since I no longer practice clinical psychology, I stumbled around trying to describe how what I do is different from traditional clinical psychology. Over the years, I have created a variety of answers, none of which ever really excited me or the person asking the question.

Recently I re-crafted my answer to the question. Here is my new answer: I help people and businesses create success beyond their wildest dreams. Now that excites me! I feel energized just thinking about it. This answer will prompt a fun and exciting conversation. I have this statement written on an index card that I keep with me and I read it throughout the day.

What is your answer to the ‘what do you do’ question? What experiences do you have using your passionate elevator pitch? What is keeping you from creating your elevator pitch? Are you ready to let go of your resistance?

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