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The drama of life

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:27am

Hey is it Saturday already? How did that happen! I was out late last night performing some of my poetry in Lancaster at the Spotlight Club. This was part of a project involving a whole host of writers across the North West. In preparation for last night we had a workshop earlier in the week looking at performance technique.

This was actually very helpful for my day job as well. Standing up in front of people and delivering training means that every day is a performance for me. And if you take that even further there is the saying that all the worlds a stage and we are all players upon that stage.

I like that idea, being a player in your own life's drama. One of the questions it throws up is - who is writing the script for your life drama? If you are writing the script then you can influence it - how exciting it is, where the action takes place, who the other players in the drama might be, whether there are scenes with happy endings, are there any cliff hangers, is it high drama or homely soap and so on.

If you are allowing someone else to produce and direct your life drama, and write the script then how much control do you have? Are you happy with their writing? What would you write in your own scenes? What ending do you want to tomorrow's scenes? Who do you want to be appearing opposite you?

Remember that you can decide how each day plays out and if you don't like it then it can be rewritten on the hoof, as it is actually happening. Become a world class writer of the best drama ever - your life!

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