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The Creative Personality: Both Smart and Naive

Posted Feb 16 2011 11:32pm

“I’ll never be the artist I was as a child.” Willa Cather

We may value children, and our own child selves, as having more free and unrestrained creativity.

But how true is that notion?

How much do we benefit from having a child-like sense of play?

Don’t we need our adult intellect to be creative?

In her Creating in Flow blog post Creative Kids Learn to Flow (Part 1) , Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. notes that a child so deeply involved in play they may ignore other people or an adult voice, is probably in a flow state, which “happens whenever you’re so absorbed in a task that you forget yourself.”

She adds that in flow, you’re more likely to be creative, according to, among others, Teresa M. Amabile, Ph.D., a Harvard Business School creativity researcher and author of Growing Up Creative: Nurturing a Lifetime of Creativity .

Continued in post: The Creative Personality: Both Smart and Naive

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