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The Cloak of Christ

Posted Mar 16 2009 3:54pm

Purpose Ponderings Header

While writing this weeks article, a stirring began to take root, moving deep within, coming from only one place, the Holy Spirit. A question started to form, do we wear the cloak of Christ as a facade, because it feels safe?

Christ wore a cloak that only He could bear, the sacrificial Cloak-of-Death, and of hope. Simple questions enter our thoughts and inundate our minds, some of which we would rather ignore. Do we in truth comprehend the sacrifice Jesus made? He suffered the most torturous death history recorded. His severe mental and physical anguish is hard to envision, or fully grasp.To think about the extent of pain Jesus endured is unnerving. If we allow ourselves a deeper look at His suffering, perhaps we will value His sacrifice anew.

Pondering: Even though it will be hard to see, we must look at the pain His body and soul endured. Why did He allow Himself such agony? At His seven illegal trails, the guards struck His face, blindfolded Him, He was spit on, beaten, scourged, struck on the head, and humiliated with a crown of sharp thorns pushed deeply into His scalp. Deemed guilty at His seventh trial, the order was given to flog Him with a cat-o'nine-tails whip.The guards unmercifully whipped Him until His flesh lay open wide. After which, they packed His wounds with salt for fear He would not live, to die on the cross. Yet, He did not cry out during such brutality. After forcing Him to carry His own death instrument, the cross, the guards nailed His hands and feet with spikes to a wooden beam. The guards raised the cross upright, and gambled for ownership of His robe. Jesus hung on the cross in agony for several hours. From the pull of His weight, and the wounds, His strength diminished. Consequently, as His strength waned, His muscles tore loose causing His joins to slowly separate. He endured this torturous pain until He breathed His last breath.

"If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong, or a clamoring symbol" (I Cor. 13:1 NASB).

Coaching: Jesus rose on the third day wearing the C loak-of-Life, a gift we inherit because of His loving sacrifice. Do we comprehend the sacrifice He made? What He created through His sacrifice was an opportunity to live for Him, through Him, and with Him. The principles within His example, and His Word, open us to His unconditional love that offers us the opportunity to wear the Cloak-of-Christ's-Love. To wear His love is to show others who Jesus is, and the love He longs to give. We do not always need to speak with words; sometime Christ's love speaks clearly of Him, through our actions.

Challenge: This weeks challenge is to wear Christ's love. Display your Women's Spiritual Couture, wherever you go. Try putting on the cloak for your family. Show them the love of Christ without spoken words, or anticipating anything in return. Who knows what His unconditional love will awaken within your loves ones. God places friends, and acquaintance's, in our lives for a season.When we become an instrument for His purpose He covers us with a Cloak-of-Love.  People will be touched, and changed because of our willingness. Understanding His love and sacrifice, leads to a willing obedience. The Holy Spirit will taylor a perfect fit for us to wear the  Cloak-of-Christ.

Next Week: Tune in next week to discover what the new Women's Spiritual Couture will be.

Pams Sig

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