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The Best Meal I Ever Ate

Posted Mar 19 2013 2:11pm

It kind of feels like I’ve been away from the blog for weeks! I was on such a roll with posts and then had a really busy weekend.  At least I have stories to share!

On Friday afternoon I headed over to my sister’s apartment to get ready for a night on the town.  One of her friends won a party at a dueling piano bar in Denver for 100 people and we were all invited.  It was also a bit of a celebration for my sister because she just finished her last college class on Thursday!

After dinner at Noodles & Co we walked to the bar and spent the next few hours listening to two guys butcher every song I love play their own special rendition of requested tunes. To be fair, they were talented, just not when it came to playing the songs I liked. It was entertaining but after a few hours (the night started early) we decided to see what else Denver had to offer.  This included a video game bar  and a trippy Tim Burton-esque pizza place/pub featuring a special drink aptly called “Go F*ck Yourself Juice” that contained 17 different kinds of alcohol and looked like the Pantone Color of the Year.  I called it the “infected Smurf.”

I did not order one of these monsters but I did have the world’s tiniest sip of it.  The verdict? It tastes the way it looks, and not like lime jello.  I honestly don’t know how anyone could finish an entire drink let alone one real sip.

On Saturday, my parents, sister, and I had the best meal I have ever had at an awesome restaurant called Café Brazil. My parents have been raving about this place for YEARS, and finally Kristin and I got to see what all the fuss is about.

The night started out with drinks; my parents love the mojitos at CB and after a sip I could see why.  It was so smooth and the perfect balance of rum and mint.  I chose an amazing fruit juice that tasted like a cross between Guava and Passionfruit.  I cannot pronounce or spell the name of this juice, but it is a nectar of the Gods second to Amita Motion.

It made me think I was in Hawaii instead of Colorado :)

We then shared a grilled Manchego appetizer that was out of this world.  I don’t usually eat dairy but when I go out to eat I will occasionally have some cheese.  This was entirely worth it.  The Manchego was rubbed with some sort of smokey, spicy, spice mixture and then grilled.  It was served on top of some sort of Chimichurri type spread.

The appetizer was served with a small selection of homemade breads, and my favorite was this sweet, pineapple bread.  Nothing, and I mean nothing I had during the course of this meal was disappointing.

My parents’ entrée was served with a black bean soup but since my sister and I ordered entrées that contained black beans, we were served a chilled coconut, mango, and onion soup before our meals arrived.

This might not look like much, but there was no way to capture the explosion of flavor on camera.  This is quite possibly the best soup I have ever had in my entire life.  It was cold and creamy, which was refreshing after the heat of the Manchego appetizer, but it was bursting with flavor.  It did contain some jalepeño and the spice was as much as my palate can handle without going overboard.  It. Was. Amazing.

Next came the main course: the Feijoada da Marla, described as a “A healthy stew of black beans, potatoes and carrots topped with green onions and cilantro, served with a traditional plate of rice, fried bananas, farofa, collard greens, orange slices, and aji of campana” (source) .

You take the black bean soup,

and put it on top of the rice, collard green, fried banana mixture

I didn’t take a picture of the ensuing mess because I was too busy devouring it :) It was a lot of food and I ended up taking half of it home.  This meal was simply amazing.  The flavors were so powerful and intense that every bite was delightful.  I especially enjoyed the collard greens which were topped with a tiny bit of what tasted like parmesan cheese because it had a sharp nuttiness to it.  The bitterness of the greens went perfectly with the sweetness of the fried banana balls you see in the picture above and the spice of the black beans tied it all together.  In case you’re wondering, the oranges are there as palate cleansers and to aid digestion.

The meal didn’t end there though.  My parents also raved about one of their desserts; a chocolate hazelnut semifreddo that tastes like a frozen Nutella pudding…but the taste was better than Nutella!

It looks like ice cream but the texture is stickier, almost like a frozen pudding.  It was out of this world.  I wanted my own dessert though :) I chose a Vanilla Almond Custard with Frangelico…

It was delicious and also too big to finish in one sitting, so I took the rest of that home too.  My lunch the next day was like Café Brazil part 2 and it was awesome.

If you are ever in Denver and want to have an extraordinary culinary experience, you MUST go to Café Brazil.  The prices do reflect the quality of the food and I’d recommend reservations because they fill up quickly.  It is however amazing food with friendly servers and overall a great experience!

Please note: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Café Brazil.  I’m simply a customer who really, really loved their food!   

Also, congratulations to my sister Kristin for finishing college! So proud of you sis!

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