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Thanks for a dead modem and Staples!

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:53pm

This week's attitude of gratitude post is about my appreciation for my modem failing and for Staples. I had a bit of a computer crisis yesterday. Many of you know that I have been taking care of my sister who has been battling a mysterious and serious illness. I have only been working a little bit here and there when I can be home (and I am not exhausted). Yesterday I had some time to work for a bit and I sat down at my computer and I couldn't connect to the internet. After a few calls to my dsl provider, I learned that my high speed modem had konked out. Ugh! At first, I was rather frustrated by this news. I was thinking "why now, I don't have time to deal with this!"

In the process of unplugging the modem, I discovered a problem with my surge protector! Double Ugh! Fortunately, I have a Staples nearby and I knew they would still be open so off I went to get a new modem and surge protector. I have to admit I love Staples! I almost get giddy when I go into a Staples. It is something about all the fun technology and cool office supplies. I have almost as much fun in Staples as I do in book stores (not quite, but close). Anyway... I found what I needed and was grateful to have Staples so close to my house. I connected the new surge protector and the new modem and was back up and running. Yeah!!

As I was reconnecting things I thought about how lucky I was that my modem died. If my modem hadn't failed I might not have noticed that my surge protector was bad. I could have ended up with some serious damage to my computer, color laser printer, and other expensive equipment hooked up to the surge protector! Now, instead of being mad about my modem, I am simply grateful that I was able to get a new surge protector and keep all of my equipment safe.

This event was yet another reminder to look for the good in all situations. I have learned over the years to look for the good and/or opportunities in every situation. Due to the stress over the last week, I forgot for a moment to look for the good and I only felt the frustration when I first saw that my modem died. Fortunately, it didn't take me long to get centered and find the beauty and wonder from this situation. I am truly grateful for this experience!

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