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Posted Dec 14 2011 8:22pm

First of all, I want to thank Colleen at  for the awesome (!!) bloggie secret santa gift!!!  

Earrings and Larabars ! Somehow, I don’t think I’ve tried the coconut one!!! Larabars are one of my favorite foods… my mom can back me up on that.  When the new flavors came out last year, my mom got really frustrated with my obsession to find them : )  Oh and the earrings!!! Let me talk about earrings.  They are my thing.  Earrings and scraves.  People notice if I’m not wearing a scarf or earrings.  Plus, after doing a little blog stalking, I completely trust Colleen’s fashion sense! Look at the picture closely… where is the third pair??  Ooh that’s right… already in my ear!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Colleen!!!


On to my post finals activities.

First and foremost, can someone please explain to me how I’ve missed Pinterest ?  I’m not sure I really understand it… but do know my life will never me the same again.  Seriously, there are so many pretty things out there!! My favorites are the pictures of rooms and houses.

Second, I finally figured out what an infinity scarf is.  After my earlier declaration for ‘always wearing a scarf’ I am ashamed to say I do not own one of these bad boys.  I need to fix this.  My relatives usually give me money for Christmas… so Merry Christmas to me.

Third, I had an AWESOME run that was not at 5:15 am!! It was light out!! Well, not light as in with sun.  Light as in dark and cloudy.  I ran seven miles in 58 mins!!! AWESOME! To be honest, I was sooo frustrated the last couple weeks.  I actually had a run (yes, a 5:15 am run) where I stopped running and might have pouted. It was dark out… no one really saw me.  But my legs CAN run fast!!! YES!! That awesome run happened yesterday and today I decided to have a major sweat fest at the gym on the stairmill.  I did some Tabata intervals and HOW was I sweating!!! ++ some ski machine and lunges! It’s amazing how much better workouts are when getting 8 + hours of sleep!

Fourth, yesterday I couldn’t sleep (I just don’t sleep in) so I wrote all 14 of my Christmas cards by 7 am.

So lets talk fashion.  What else have I missed during my ‘I’m-a-graduate-student-so-all-I-care-about-is-school’ haze of the last four months??


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