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Thank goodness for little miracles

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:15pm

Jodee Bock wrote a post the other day and mentioned that she's starting a new blog about noticing miracles. Here is what she wrote: "I'm starting a new blog in 2007 called A Miracle A Day. My intention is to post the miracles I notice. Please check it out and join me in noticing the miracles in your own life."

After reading about Jodee's new blog, I thought I would share a little miracle I experienced last night. I was part of a panel for a teleseminar about creating healthy weight loss resolutions. The call started at 8:00 pm. A few minutes into the call I looked at my phone (a cordless land-line) and noticed that it only had one battery bar - it normally doesn't last very long once it is down to one bar. Yikes! I immediately looked for my other handset, but it too only had one battery bar! I started to panic (well, not quite a full panic... but I did feel a wave of fear)! I started to fret about what I would do if the phone ran out while I was talking. After all we were recording the teleseminar so that we could package the seminar as a CD. Then I decided to let that anxiety go and trust that it would all work out. I decided not to waste my energy on fretting about a situation that I couldn't control. Here's the miracle... the battery on my phone lasted through the entire call which was a little over 2 hours! I couldn't believe it! I felt grateful for small miracles.

By the way... for anyone who was interested in the teleseminar but did not make it, I will let you know when the CD becomes available.

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