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Tama Kieves on inspired desire and new directions

Posted Nov 26 2012 8:28pm

Tama Kieves is an inspiring example of someone who has overcome the pressures to keep following a path on which her high intelligence gained her many rewards, but at too great a spiritual cost because she was denying her creative passions.

She had graduated with honors from Harvard Law School, but left her career as “an overworked attorney” to follow her “soul’s haunting desire to become a writer.”

In her new book she addresses challenges that many creative, high ability people may face – and provides stories and strategies for inspiration. Here are a few excerpts.

As a creative individual, visionary leader, independent thinker, soul-healer, or entrepreneur, it’s your birthright to utilize other talents, insights, resources, and innate strategies.

You are not made to fit into the world, make it in the world, but to remake the world, heal the world, and illuminate new choices and sensibilities.

The problem isn’t that inspired individuals can’t face “reality.” The problem is that they do — and they let it eclipse their instinct and excellence.

Keep in mind that today’s mainstream culture sprang up from the fringes, those with different ideas, the rabble-rousers on a distant shore. Thomas Watson, the founder of blue-chip IBM, for God’s sake, said, “Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker.”

The establishment always has its roots in uncertainty and the unimaginable.

In every age, alternative, bold souls have doubted themselves, have been criticized, and have struggled to forge an outlet for their brilliance.

But it’s only because they gave “the world” more power than their creativity.

If you trust your creativity, your inspired inclination, you will discover a whole new way to flourish. This is the time to do it. These are cutting-edge times, times of global transformation.

Security is a moving target. Yet passion is your real security. Many “safe” jobs have become time bombs for your soul. Others have been downsized, obliterated, or stripped of humanity and fire.

Yet just as old forms break down, new expressions, careers, needs, humanitarian causes, and industries mushroom on the horizon. Years ago, who ever heard of a web designer? A blog writer? A “green” architect? Or a life coach, for that matter.

Now more than ever, it’s a sense of inspired desire that will impel you in the direction of the current that’s coming.

~ ~

Audio clip – What stops us?

Kieves talks about what stops us from living our dreams for a fulfilling life, from her more than one hour presentation at The New Wealth Experience .

Photo at top: “ new discoveries ” by AlicePopkorn. Her caption includes a link to Keshe Foundation Promotional Introduction Video – “The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems…”

Book “ Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! ” By Tama Kieves.

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Kieves’ comment that “bold souls have doubted themselves” can apply to many highly talented people.

Two examples:

Her recently released fourth album, Red, had opening sales of 1.21 million – the highest recorded in a decade, and Taylor Swift has had two million-plus opening weeks. But she has commented, “I doubt myself 400,000 times per 10-minute interval.”

Writer Larry Kane commented about his bio on the musician, “People would be surprised at how insecure John Lennon was, and his lack of self esteem. Throughout his life, even during the height of Beatle mania, he had poor self esteem, even though he exuded confidence.”

Those quotes are also used in my book “ Developing Multiple Talents : The personal side of creative expression” – and in the book excerpt post Talented and insecure .


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