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Talent Rising: Valerie Przekop

Posted Feb 18 2011 8:46am
Aberration Nation is all about creativity.  I can't help but take a moment to brag about my daughter, Valerie. 

Valerie said her first words at ten months old.  By two, she was talking in full sentences ... and wouldn't stop.  One day when she was barely three, I ran out to do some errands.  Upon my return, my husband, looking like he'd just found hidden treasure, said, "You've got to hear this!" 

He had sent her to sit in her bedroom because she had misbehaved.  From her room, we heard our little, spunky 3-year-old singing.  She was belting out a made up song that went a bit like this
I am in trouble.
Daddy sent me to my room, and here I am.
I was being bad but I'm not going to be bad any more.
I am going to be a good girl now.
I am in my room with my toys.
I love my toys.
I love my daddy.

We looked at each other with wide eyes.  We couldn't believe how incredible she sounded. 

As soon as she began in read, we took her to voice lessons with Susan Whitenack, an accomplished, classically trained vocalist in our area.  Her lessons continued for five years, at which time she took a break.  My husband and I wanted to be sure that singing was something she wanted to do. 

Her school has a talent show for 5th and 6th graders.  Last year, she wanted to do a dance with two of her friends.  We supported her although we'd hope that she would sing.  This year, she told us that she wanted to sing!

She's now eleven.  Last night she sang The Little Mermaid's Part of Your World in the Broadway-themed school talent show.  The kids don't usually sing a cappella but the school music director allowed her to do so because she had such great pitch.  

What a performance! 

As the crowd cheered, my husband said, "We should take her back to Susan." 

Her 22-year-old sister smiled and said, "American Idol."
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