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Posted Sep 14 2008 10:15am

You are browsing in your neighborhood bookstore while waiting to meet a friend for coffee. You walk down the cookbook aisle and a book falls off the shelf landing right in front of you. You pick it up to put it back on the self and realize that it doesn’t even belong in this isle – it is about achieving financial freedom. The weird thing is that you just came from the bank and were thinking about your bills.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Is it mere chance? Or is there some meaning to this? This type of experience is known as synchronicity.

Carl Jung (a famous Swiss psychiatrist) first defined synchronicity as meaningful coincidence. It is when two or more events occur in a way that has meaning for the person involved. The timing of the occurrence is not due to chance or a causal relationship. The idea of synchronicity involves a higher order to these events. Synchronicity is one way that our higher self and/or God (higher power) communicate to us.

To get the most out of synchronicity, you need to be open to experiencing these meaningful coincidences. Rather than brushing off these events as random happenings, see if you can identify the meaning or purpose. Synchronicity can help guide you along your soul path and help open up a whole new world of opportunities. It is up to you, however, to be aware and take advantage of the opportunities.

Feel free to share your stories about synchronicity here by leaving a comment.

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