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Stress Management, Time Management and Their Relationship

Posted May 04 2009 3:54pm

Not all stress comes from lack of time.  There are plenty of other things we stress about all the time, from money to relationships to having to give a presentation at work.

But not having enough time is just about guaranteed to cause stress.  So stress management and time management are definitely closely related.

So what do you do when you have too much on your plate?  There’s only so much you really CAN do. And wearing yourself out by overworking leaves you with no place to go when a “real” crisis comes up.

There are two sides to this: the stress, and the time.  What you want is tools for both of them.  You need a way to ratchet down the stress so you can think more clearly, and then address the time issues.

For stress, you have many options.  You could get my free stress tips report and use some of the tips, or you could get the real thing: My Instant Stress Relief Strategies Resource Guide to stress busting strategies.

That guide hands you a series of strategies from which you can pick and choose.  Experiment, try some out, and see what works especially well for you.

And once you have gotten some stress management tools at your disposal, you can tackle the real issue: Not enough time.

Or rather, trying to cram too much into the time you have. And that often comes from trying to please too many people all at once.

So how to get around that? Well, you may have heard about the 80/20 rule.  And that’s a good start.  But what is part of the 20% that you ought to be doing?

This is where my favorite time management course comes in.  It helps you figure out what to do, how to do it quickly and efficiently, and how make the most of your time.

One of the biggest problems in time management is procrastination. That’s where this program really shines.

And most procrastination has to do with insecurity or indecision. It will show you how to make decisions quickly.  It also teaches you how to quickly make yourself feel more confident (there’s some NLP involved).

And, with the tools that are in this course, it will help you get a tremendous amount done in record time as you cut through procrastination like it was butter on a warm summer day.

So check it out.  It may be just what the time doctor ordered ;-)

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