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Stones on the beach

Posted Aug 04 2008 8:17am

When you are on the beach the sea is constantly shifting the stones. I've been back to beaches on Anglesey where I used to go as a child 30 years ago. I've always believed that the stones eventually turn to sand but this must take absolutely eons because back on Anglesey the stony beaches are still there. Even after 30 years there is no sign of the sand. The beach is still stones and they don't seem any smaller. They have maintained the essence of what they are with their beautiful patterns and rounded shapes, despite the incessant washing of the waves.

I meet some people who won't engage with any of this "personal development stuff". They say that they don't want to change into someone they don't recognise, change themselves into someone different. Life washes over all of us, whether we take control of it or not. Although we'd like it to be calm, with occasional ripples maybe, it is often stormy, with giant waves washing over us. Whatever happens to you the essence of you remains, maybe a bit more rounded or shining brightly with the dampness of the wave-wash.

So what's holding you back from walking towards the waves today? Next time the waves crash over you what resources do you have to pick you up again? Where will the lifeboat come from when the tide rushes in?

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