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Social Engagement Metrics That Matter

Posted Feb 19 2014 2:48am

Let's be real here, measuring your social efforts is a pain in the butt. I mean, there are tons of metrics to track, and data to look at, but actually knowing if you're making an impact to the organization, that's a bit trickier. Right? It's simple to track followers and see which platforms send you traffic, but how do you know that you're meeting your goals? How do you make sure everyone understands social's impact on the organization?


These are the types of questions I often hear when people are grasping with "proving their worth" or getting management and other team members on board with making social a focus. It's so easy to get caught up in doing the things, that you sometimes forget to measure and understand why the things need to be done.


Today I want to walk you through the process we use here at Moz for measuring our social efforts. This is a process we're constantly working to improve, and we have just recently added new metrics and changed our goals a bit. It's something that you don't do once, then set aside. Read more


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