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So my husband has a football problem...

Posted Sep 27 2009 12:00am
Football season started a few weeks ago and I can already tell he has a problem. Why don't they offer counseling for this? And what's a girl to do? This is why I tell him having a son would be nice- then they could share football and I would be left out of it. However, it would perpetuate the addiction to another generation. Where does the chain end? Here's how I know he has a problem.

4. All he does is talk about football! I walk through the room to get something from the bedroom and he assumes I want to hear commentary on the game he's watching.
3. He hates 12:00 church because he's "missing games." They split our ward about a month ago and we got bumped back a few hours. It is the first time in our marriage (other than the first two months) that we've had church after noon- and other than 6 months when we first moved to QC that we've had it later than 10. I'm loving no alarm clock on Sundays, late mornings, big breakfasts, time to prepare for lessons... Plus, I think on Sundays there is a total of 5 minutes where a game isn't on, so, really, how much is he missing from 12-3?
2. He's insisting on getting surround sound. So, back in March his dad got a new TV and gave us his old one. It's about 15 years old but still much better and bigger than our last one. I don't have the specs memorized, but it fills our media niche more completely than the TV from my single days did. Well, six months, no problems- happy as a clam. Five minutes of a football game and he's determined we HAVE to get surround sound fixed up again. I'm sorry, but what does surround sound have to do with football?

And the #1 reason I know he has a problem...

1. He finally moved the couch. About a year ago or so we moved the couch. I can't remember why, but we just moved it about 6 inches from the wall. Well, after having it like that for about a week, we realized that it did not work for the space. We lost our little end table (an Ikea stool) between our seats for drinks, and our seats were now really, really close. Well, we kept talking about how it needed to be moved. He even mentioned it a few times, "After this show, can you help me move the couch?" I kept wife-ingly nagging him to move it to no avail. Ten minutes of football and he's moved the couch, by himself, so that he's centered on the TV.

So, I might not have a husband for the next few months, but at least I have an end table again, late church so I can sleep in and a lot of free time on my hands. Boy, do I love my honey!
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