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so far so good.

Posted May 28 2010 4:29am
106 days to go.. so far doing well. The one thing that has been the HARDEST by far is to stop being critical. I never had any idea how critical I was until now. I constantly have to bite my tongue with certain people in my life. Just because I have an opinion, doesn’t mean its correct or that others want to hear it or follow it. We each have our own path and I need to respect that. This is definitely going to take me some time, but I know it will come with perseverance.
Yoga,,, been keeping right up with it, as with mediation. The clean eating has been easy, but I worry with the holiday weekend...we all know how easy it is to over indulge at a bbq or just lounging around the house when it feels like vacation!
I am not working today, so I am going to garden, hike and make these delicious turkey gorgonzola burgers and a broccoli salad with creamy feta dressing.. sound good? I think so! Mostly, I am going to participate in the day. I am going to light my candles I “save” for something better tonite.. I am going to lounge with my man and drink a nice cold beer and enjoy every sip. I just read a line that I love “A half melted candle is like a wise, middle-aged woman who has enjoyed and savored life. A goddess who is not afraid to continue to ignite the flame of life until there is nothing left but a tiny piece of metal that once held the cord to that life’s existence.
I am going to squeeze every bit out of the flame of life.
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