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Share Some Love

Posted Jan 12 2009 8:48am

“It's not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” - Mother Theresa

One of my intentions for the New Year (since I don't make resolutions) is to approach my day from the most loving place possible. I have found (most recently, actually) that by approaching my day (including situations, stress, even hurt feelings) with love my day flows in a much more positive vein. I don't get caught up in any drama, things that might appear annoying on the surface don't ruffle my feathers; frankly, I'm just a happier person all together.

At this point you may be asking; "Oh, that's nice, Pam...but what the heck do you mean that you approach your day from love?" The best way I can answer this question is to give you an example.

Recently, I have been dealing with a situation that has had me a bit topsy turvy; my gut has been tied in knots and I have found myself on a few occassions getting emotionally upset at the most inopportune times. The emotional rollercoaster and topsy turvyness of it all had to stop, because it was interfering with the positives I was creating and it was distracting me from seeing any of the potentials that were in front of me.

To stop the knot tying and the ups and downs, I decided to send love to those involved just by saying to myself, "I am sending you love and much happiness." Doing something that simple took the emotional charge away and stopped the roller coaster ride. I also had the opportunity to try this new little technique in traffic and it worked. Someone cut me off, as I was in a hurry to get home, and rather than get upset and call the person a "stupid jackass"  I said, "I send you love and well wishes for getting to your destination safely." Wow! What a difference it made! As a matter of fact, the person who cut me off switched lanes and cleared the way so I go drive ahead.

So the next time you find yourself emotionally charged over something or someone, try sending out some love.

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