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Share and share alike

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:27pm

At the weekend I was chatting to someone who was really grateful for some knowledge that I was able to share with them. Then later on someone passed on some really useful information to me and also I spent some time finding out about logistics, an industry that i know nothing about. In all of these cases we were sharing stuff.

Before this though, if you had asked any of us about the value of that stuff we would probably all have scoffed and said "well its not worth anything". This is what happens when you become an expert. And we are all experts in many things. Once you are an expert you know loads of "stuff" that other people don't know. And a lot of that stuff they might find really valuable, although you don't place any value on it yourself.

So I recommend that you write a list headed up "Things I am an expert in" The stuff on the list does not have to be earth shattering. Maybe you have a photographic memory for bus times, or you know the best things to do with green tomaotes (might be very handy given the summer we are having). Perhaps you've tried on all the hats in your local Accessorise or read this months magazine from cover to cover already. Maybe you are the office expert on making PST files as I once was or perhaps you can just tell when the boss is in a good mood.

Once you have uncovered your expert potential you know what you have to share with everyone. And if you don't know what you are an expert in just ask any of your friends and colleagues as they will soon tell you. As we are all experts in knowing what other people are experts in.

What are you an expert in? How will you share that expert knowledge? What advantages will that expert knowledge give you?

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