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Shake Things Up!

Posted Jan 05 2010 8:50am

We tend to follow the same old blueprint for our livesjust updating the same tired experiences. That stops today. It’s a new year! It’s the dawn of a new decade! Positive energy abounds regarding fresh starts and new beginnings. Join the party! Every day this year is a chance to shed what no longer serves you and start living the life that is an authentic expression of you. It’s time to shake things up!

Experience New Tastes – Try something newor something you have always thought you didn’t like from childhood. Sample a new teaorder a cocktail you’ve never had beforeeat a different breakfast each morningsample beets on a warm spinach salad. You might surprise yourself!

Take on a Home Project - A little improvement or upgrade to your home feels so good! If you are worried about not having enough time or moneybreak the project down into its smallest part and just do that. The littlest effort pays big dividends.

Plan a Party - No occasion is necessary. The party can be as simple or complicated as you wish. Have friends over for pizza and to play Wii. Invite your neighbors to join you for breakfast Sunday morning. Any reason is a good reason.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City - There are still places left that you haven’t thoroughly exploredno matter how long you’ve lived there. I guarantee it! 

Plan a TripBig or Small – It is so fun to have your sights set on a place and a time to get away. Your trip doesn’t have to be costly. Plan a simple day trip to the coast and pack a gourmet picnicfor example. Invite someone special to join you. Make a mix CD of your favorite music to listen to along the way; prepare a special drink and toast the sunset. Any tripbig or smallcan feel like an adventure with a little planning.

Expand Your Musical Repertoire - Ask a friend to swap playlists or mix CDs of favorite songs. It’s a great way to expand your taste into new musical frontiers. A friend of mine shared her “run mix” with me. I loved all the fastloudupbeat songs on her list. Tabithawho writes the blog I Choose Bliss sent me some relaxinginstrumental CDs. Both are wonderfully calming; I now play them in my house all the time. My sister just made me some CDstoo; it’s fun to experience her taste in music and I’ve adopted some new favorites.

Take a Class – What I’ve discovered over the past few years is that there is a class for absolutely everything you are interested in at a variety of commitment levels. Take a semester-long college courseor a weekend seminar. Take a day-long class or attend a two-hour lecture by a favorite speaker. Learning something new is a great way to shake things up.

Let Go of To Do Lists – Lists loverslisten up! If your lists have become so detailed that they are sucking the life out of your day or acting as a barrier to your ability to enjoy the momentit’s time to let them go! I am adopting a new organization strategy this year for just this reason. I have a new calendar with just a tiny space for each day–no room for my mile-long lists. While this is a major departure for meI am confident things will still get done and I will still be a productive person; I’ll just be happier and more present as I go about my business!

Check Your Organizing Systems - Do your organizing tasks still serve you or are you continuing to do some of them just because you always have? Your time is precious! Be selective about what you do; make sure it enhances your life.

Refresh Your Appearance – Is it time to update your hair style or color? How about a new lipstick shade? Maybe a new winter jacket or adding in new colors to your wardrobe? Simply adding accessories to your outfit like a scarf or jewelry can go a long waytoo.

Get Your Thrill On – I’ve written before about the importance of play. One way to put an extra spring in your step is to seek out adrenaline-inducing activities. Go zip-liningsky divedo some indoor (or outdoor) rock climbingdrive go kartsgo on roller coasters. Get out there and break free from your comfort zone!

Turn Off Your Computer –  I knowI knowthere is so much to do on the computer: emails to answerblogs to readthings to googleFacebook and Twitter to update…but reallyit won’t go anywhere if you check in less often. Spend more time living this year and less time being plugged in. Positive results are immediately noticeable!

Dress Up - I have friends who still own dress-up boxes and go all out for theme parties and Halloweenespecially. One of these friends has a collection of wigstoo. They make dressing up look like so much fun! Resolve this year to dive inand dress up. There are nine months until Halloween; that’s plenty of time to plan.

Rearrange Your Furniture – We moved furniture around for the holidays and were pleasantly surprised by how much better the house looked. We were also shocked by how beneficial the change was to our peace of mind; our space feels refreshed and fun again.

Give Your Shoulda Woulda Coulda Thoughts the Heave Ho – Decide today that you aren’t going to let those thoughts bring you down anymore. All you have is this moment. Celebrate it! Do something different in the next moment if you desire change. Don’t lament what you didn’t do or think; it’s a waste of time and energy.

Stop WishingJust Do It - Wishing someone a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year is a wonderful thing to do. Wishing things were different from what they are is not. This is your ego playfully whining and complaining that this moment is inferior to what just was or what could be. Examples: I wish I brought my coatI wish it wasn’t so cold in the houseI wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. When you catch yourself making an “I wish” statementcut yourself off mid-sentence! And then celebrate exactly the moment you’re in for exactly what it is. If the present moment calls for action, turn things around in the next moment. I wish I brought my coat turns into “I’m going to run back home and get my coat” or “Can I borrow a sweater?” I wish it wasn’t so cold in the house becomes “I think I’ll turn on the heater” or “I’m going to exercise now to get my blood flowing.”

My hope for you all is that 2010 is biggerbetterricher and fuller. Remember to shake things up! Let go of what no longer worksadopt new things that refresh your outlook and add sparkle to your days. Have fun! Keep things light!

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