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Self-limiting beliefs and business success

Posted Dec 02 2009 10:33pm 1 Comment

Excerpted from article Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips to Creating Success From the “Inside Out” By Maya Bailey, Ph.D. :

Richard Branson“Why do most business owners fail to achieve their dreams and reach their financial goals? Is it a lack of motivation, a lack of drive or a lack of business know how?

“In my 12 years of coaching business owners to double and triple their incomes, I have found that none of the above is the reason they fail. Instead, it is the presence of self-limiting beliefs, many of which are hidden, that stop business owners in their tracks.”

Photo: “I have fun running the Virgin businesses, so a setback is never a bad experience, just a learning curve.” Richard Branson

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If you don't have any confidence to start any business, you should not try it, I am sure you will fail, for me learn more about how to build a business...

gregory reyes

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