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Seeing the World Through Clean or Spotted Glasses

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:45pm
Having a positive attitude is like looking at the world through clean glasses. If you have spots on those glasses, it's harder to see the good in front of you. - PTDespite all the doom and gloom surroudings us in the media, I still believe in my heart of hearts that we can create positives. We can shift our attitudes (with some effort and persistence). We can make things better and see the good. We can, I know we can. I want you to imagine for just one moment what it would be like or what it would feel like if all that surrounded you was positive; positive people, uplifting news, smiles and laughter, fun opportunities, exciting adventures, good music, love, etc. How would you feel? What would you see? My dear friends, despite what the media is telling us, despite what we may be hearing at the office or around town, there are positives to be had. There really are and now is the time to choose. Do you wish to look at the world through clean or spotted glasses? What do you choose and what will you do to support your choice?Here is what I choose to do: 1) Smile 2) Give hugs 3) Share appreciation for another person 4) Say "thank you"5) Laugh 6) Be grateful for everything I have 7) Share for as long as is needed and with no expectations.8) Steer clear of gossip and negative conversations. 9) Keep me energy levels up by listening to some fun music, recharging my battery whenever necessary, and having fun.10) Send love and positive energy out into the world. Join me, please!? Together we can create a way to see the good.
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