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Review; Find Your Strongest Life, By Marcus Buckingham

Posted Oct 04 2009 10:01pm

Who among us does not want to find and live our strongest life? I know I do, so I when offered to review Marcus Buckingham's new book, Find Your Strongest Life, What The Happiest and most Successful Women Do Differently, I was ready! I already knew Marcus from a previous book I had read of his called, Now Discover Your Strengths; Strengths Finder. I have always been one that says, 'Soar With Your Strengths' instead of focusing on fixing what you not so good at. Both of these books help you to discover those strengths, maybe you did not even realize you had.

Find Your Strongest Life I always love a evaluation. I am not a big Facebook Quiz person, but I do love a reliable, well put together evaluation. Marcus Buckingham is a strategist. A Strength Strategist. For over 20 years. So just as in Now Discover Your Strengths, when reading Find Your Strongest Life, we start off with, 'The Strong Life Test'. It measures you on nine life roles: Advisor, Caretaker, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Motivator, Pioneer, Teacher, and Weaver. Marcus shows us how once we find our Lead and Supporting role, we can build our life around it. Leading us of course to Living A Stronger Life. 

As I read, I did find myself feeling like he focused a lot on the career woman, outside of the home. I have always been a stay at home mom, homeschooling my daughter for the past 11 years. I have also been a Praise and Worship Leader, Youth Leader, Homeschool Co-op Leader, Support Group Leader, self written curriculum for us and others and more. Recently in the past 18 months, I am now CEO of 2 companies. But all from home. Marcus does not mention women like me to often in the book. I still could read between the lines of his examples of women's lives and apply it to myself. Actually I found I could apply a lot to myself.

Truthfully, I was excited, but not too surprised that I related in a good way. In retrospect to the book, I am well on my way to Living My Strongest Life. I already had felt that I was, but I am always open to re-evaluating myself, my goals, my perspective. Reading this book definitely helped me to see what I am doing that is contributing to why I feel like I am living strong. It also made me aware of what to stay away from in my thinking, decision making, even on staying balanced! That's a funny thing, because Marcus has an entire chapter called, 'Strive for Imbalance'. I wear a leather bracelet on my left wrist with the word, 'Balance', burned into it. I shower with this bracelet on ladies! I always have thought balance was the key. So I wear it on my wrist so I don't ever lose sight of it.

I have to quote him here...

When you are balanced, you are stationary, holding your breath, trying not to let any sudden twitch or jerk pull you too far one way or the other. You are at a standstill. This precarious, motionless state is not worth striving for. It's the wrong life goal. Strive for fullness instead.

Anyone know where I can get a leather bracelet that says, 'Fullness'. Or I guess I could burn an, 'Im' in front of my, 'balance', on my bracelet I have now. ImBalance; what a thought.

This is not a book written for or focused on a Christian Woman. But I do recommend it. I took my Strongest Life Test and you can too for free HERE. Make sure to take it and then come back and leave a comment with what your Lead Role was and Supporting role. The test gave me a bit of a headache, it is not a long test. I just had to really put myself in the questions. I will leave you with my results. I am so thankful that God made each of us to have different roles to play. We all play every role at some point in our lives. But learning to work with our Lead and Supporting roles I do believe will help us to Live our Strongest Life.

Click Here to read a really good 45 page Excerpt from the book.

Here are my results below. Click the pics and they will be bigger so you can see.

Creator Role   Equalizer Role


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