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Restaurant review: Volare Restaurant

Posted Oct 24 2012 8:55am
Two nights before I ran the Chicago Marathon, my guests and I dined at Volare Restaurant located on East Grand in Chicago. I don’t love pasta actually, but I was dining with a fellow marathoner so I found a pasta place. 
I get frustrated with most Italian restaurants for three reasons: 1) no whole wheat options (I prefer the chew of whole wheat), 2) very few veggies with the pasta, 3) HUGE portions. 
I decided to try Volare because they have a whole wheat pasta on the menu (with veggies!) and because they do half portions of a lot of the pasta dishes and salads!!! This was super exciting! 
I had this salad:
And this pasta dish:
Both were VERY good! I was pleasantly surprised! My favorite was the oven-baked egg on the salad. It was done perfectly! Pretty firm but still with a little bit of runny yolk. It was crusted with the gorgonzola and on top of the salad. I asked for the vinaigrette on the side but didn’t use much because of the power other flavors. The pasta dish could have used more veggies (hardly ANY eggplant) but it was a good flavor. The half-order was plenty!!! I would say the half-order was several cups of pasta. But I ate it all. I was running a MARATHON!!!
The service was very good and the atmosphere was excellent. 
I do recommend Volare and would go there again. Everyone else really enjoyed their dishes as well. 
Have you eaten at Volare? Do you like pasta? Like I said, I am not a super pasta fan. Do you get mad at how restaurants do pasta? I hate that there are rarely veggies in the sauce, the portions are HUGE, and that it is generally just white pasta. Mostly, I just think pasta is boring. 

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