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Posted Jun 21 2010 1:55pm

lakeyshia's column: marriage striving for oneness

Grappling with the idea of being a stay at home mom has been perplexing. The more I attempted to  humanly understand, the more I became confused. Due to the confusion, I began to seek God on a consistent basis. season. At that point, I gave all my concerns, issues and questions over to God.

Confused My seeking could be compared to a leaking faucet. Nonetheless, I discovered that that confusion was my f ault. I simply failed to ask God what is it that He would have me to do.  In return God put it on my heart to rest. 

My finite understanding of rest was certainly eye raising. Not clear on the task,God began to ill ustrate. Not long ago, I was in a spiritual battle. The battle manifested through the form of adultery. The enemy pounced in and wounded me. Almost, to the point of death. My ignorance to the severity wounds, forced me to bandaged them and continue life as normal. "M y people perish because of a lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6, KJV).

Unfortunately we as women and wives alike facade the issue of infidelity. We try to hold everything  together for the sake of appearance. We bottle up our emotions and believe for the best. We even downplay or even ignore the issue hoping the problem will work itself out. God is not in the business of leaving us in a state of chaos. "He heals the broken hearted and bounds up their wounds" (Psalms 147:3, KJV). 

BROKEN-HEART As God continued illustrate, my understanding became clearer. I realized how badly broken I was. Bruised and wounded also. Nonetheless, that is where I was. God is working on the inside of me so it will resemble the outside.

Today wherever you are in your marriage, stop and allow God to heal you. You may think you are okay, but are you really? "Man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

The contained the hurt of infidelity will eventually turn into an infection. This prevents us from reaching our divine purpose in God.There may be an area in our lives that is on hold. Understand that God's delay does not mean denial. God's purpose is to make us ready for the promise. God really cares for us as women. He knows by design that we can take a licking and keep on ticking. But humanly, we need to slow down so he heals us and then refills us.

There is a season for all things. God wants us to rest. We have carried a heavy burdens. While in the process we've cried, suffered and suffered some more. But now God wants us to rest. "I will lead you beside the still waters. I will restore your soul" (Psalms 23:2-3, KJV).

Consider the countless times have we prepared a spectacular dinner for our family. Did we enjoy the fruits of our labors with them? How many times have we purchased a new movie but got busy and failed to watch it?

"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10, KJV). He will take care of everything that concerns you. (Psalms 138:8)  Rest in him. Pursue him. Seek him. Love him. Trust him. Rely on him. He will leave no stone unturned in your life. God desires to bless you. He will not hold any good thing from his children.

After the revelation from God, a peace began to flood my soul. It was at that point in which I began to walk in what God had spoken. No matter how I felt, I walked in what God said. The enemy came and presented scenarios of doubt, but I always referred to what God said. As result, my frustration to understand why I was jobless disappeared. God was in control. I walked in that everyday. I had more time with my kids. I had more time to be at the gym. My mind was not cluttered with trying to do a million and one things. God had really taken my faith to an all new level. I was totally dependent on him, while resting in him at the same time.

Rest God knows the plans he has for you and me. Your resting now will prevent burnout in the next season of your life. Do not worry about food, finances and employment status. God will take care of you.

Enjoy today. Do not get consume with things you cannot handle. Instead listen to some soft and relaxing music. Sit down with some popcorn and watch a movie. Stay in bed an extra fifteen minutes. Go to the library and read a good book. Better yet, spend time in prayer and worship.Take the time and do the things you could not before. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and rest.

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