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Resource for women with cancer

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:49pm

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), I am very pleased to share a fabulous resource for women facing cancer treatment - I couldn't stand the thought of losing my hair.

This book is a compilation of stories from women who have faced hair loss due to cancer treatment. It is truly an amazing resource and offers hope, inspiration, and support to women who may lose their hair due to their cancer treatment. If you know anyone who is dealing with this issue, please share this resource with them. Our goal is to get this powerful book to as many women with cancer as possible.

Most women never have to think about losing their hair. We tend to assume we will always have our hair. Furthermore, our society places great emphasis on hairstyles, especially for women. In fact, many women pride themselves on their hair as being a significant part of their identity. Then, when faced with the diagnosis of cancer, which can be terrifying in itself, a woman somehow has to cope with the devastating reality of losing her hair as well. This can be very frightening, even overwhelming for some women. As you read the thoughts and feelings of other women who have had to face a diagnosis of cancer followed by the loss of their hair, know that there are millions of others who have traveled this difficult road before you. You are not alone.

"Nothing prepared me for the devastation of losing my hair. On a scale of one to ten, for me it ranked at the top-right along side of cancer. As I heard someone else say, you can hide cancer, but you cannot hide hair loss. Hair loss is associated with cancer. I knew it would happen. What I was not prepared for was it happening." -Pat, OH

"Another good thing was when I could joke about it and tell my kids that if they didn't do good on their report cards I would go to school and write on my bald head, 'Ian and Derek's Mom' and walk through the school." -Kathalene, OH

"Yes, hair loss is difficult and upsetting. But it is a small and temporary price to pay for a chance to regain your health." -Ruth, NJ

If you want to read more from these amazing women, check out the full book - I couldn't stand the thought of losing my hair. Help us spread this book and get it to as many women going through cancer treatment as we can. You have permission to print it, email it, and post it on your blog.

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