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Remembering The Small Things That Will Allow The Big Things To Fall Into Place

Posted May 10 2012 3:58pm

  By: Kim Peterson



In todays world of instant everything, it can be a challenge to work towards and achieve big goals for yourself. This is especially true if they don’t appear overnight. As the saying goes…”Success is a journey not a destination”. It is all about what you do each day that determines your trajectory.


Thankfully you don’t think of a desired out come and it appears overnight. Instead we get to tweak and change and flow and move towards what we desire and wish for. We meet people along the way that bring texture and depth to our lives. We get to experience different perspectives on various solutions. We get to fall and get back up. We have times that we are intensely focused and times that we would rather click it down a notch or two.


Ultimately what determines whether or not we reach a desired outcome is what we do everyday. Little things that seem insignificant, small acts repeated over time pave a solid foundation from which to tread upon.


Things like…


Remembering to be polite to whoever crosses our path, chances are they have their own set of personal challenges and if we can lift another along the way we have done well.


Remembering to take care of ourselves first and foremost. How well can we be expected to nurture loved ones and be a success in our businesses or careers, if we do not take the time to first move our bodies and feed it nourishing food and drink?


Remember to set and follow through with goals we have set for ourselves. Ask yourself each morning “what can I do today to move myself closer towards…” and then take action…day in and day out.


Remember that the process of reaching your goals develops strength and wisdom. Even if it feels that we may not be getting there fast enough, don’t forget to appreciate who you are becoming in the process.


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