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Relating to my Religion: I too am like the Prophets of my Faith

Posted Sep 13 2009 4:46pm

Well, lately my challenge in life as usual is my place in this world. Where do I belong? whom do I belong to, and with, whom are my friends?

Well, today in church we discussed more concerning the Life of Joseph Smith. I realized as they talked of his trials while hiding on an island on the Mississippi River for months that the only way he could stand it was to have his wife, brother, and friend come to say hi and hold their hands for a brief visit. This was so comforting to him as he hid out. He later wrote letters about these people in his life. He loved them and cherished their friendship and cherished his wife dearly.

He had experienced persecution personally 54 times in 14 years of his life. He had been arrested and imprisoned at Liberty Jail in barbarric conditions with no standing room, and incredible sickness, starvation, and freezing cold for 5 months - and they had no cause for imprisoning him and released him with no crime or verdict =- as he had been most innocent when they shackled and enslaved him.

He endured all these hardships without support and with few friends his whole life. I think of myself, and the many years and even now as I forge thru life alone for the most part in many of my trials - and I realize; yes he endured this as I do. His trials were 10 fold mine - and he was still so upbeat, loving, happy, fun spirited and Kind. He was a Powerhouse of Benevelence and Peace. I cannot think of many humans who could have been like Joseph. He was and is One of a Kind. Jesus and he as such close friends is such an understandable pair. Jesus was at his side every moment. And, likewise I know that Joseph was in spirit with Christ and supporting him thru his entire life- and all the sufferin he endured at the hands of liars.

Jesus was also very much alone, and without friends and supporters for much of his time here. He often said he had no place to lie his head. He wondered whom else would forsake him .... as Peter or Judas had. there was no shortage of crappy friend for the Savior to forgive.

I see that as I know he has some future callings for me upon his return that I must endure the road of solitude and loneliness and accept that part.  I need to be grateful for those whom ARE in my life. I am wealthy - as I have my daughters whom are treasures each one, and Michael my love and eternal companion. I am so blessed to be in the same faith as Joseph. I align myself with him. He is most precious and Mary mother of Christ is indeed always an example of motherhood and virtue to me. Finally - Jesus is my constant teacher forgiving me and holding my hand every day. He loves me always I just wish I could see him and hug him from time to time as I'm a hugging type - need those affirmations of love.  I will always learn more and blog more of my growth and my learning of my weaknesses.


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