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Reasons Why I Think Johnny Isn't Walking

Posted Jun 03 2012 6:04pm
At the beginning of May I posted on FB, "Just read that by 13 months, 3 out of 4 babies are walking. Well, Johnny might not be walking, but he's bigger than 9 out of 10 of those same babies- so take that!"  I swear it doesn't bother me that Johnny isn't walking.  I have no desire to chase after a walking toddler.  However, I have still spent a lot of time thinking about it and talking with family about it.  Some of you might know I told Johnny that if he didn't walk over spring break, he'd have to wait until summer, so Mommy would see his first steps.   Well, now I'm thinking we might not even make that and I'm not too worried.  Here's why I think he's not walking yet. 
  1. He's mastered three kinds of crawling (army, traditional and monkey), plus walking along anything at all and sees no need to add anything else to his plethora of skills.
  2. Grandma Boo says it's those extra five pounds.  "If he weighed five pounds less, I'm sure he'd already be walking."
  3. Uh, most of our house is tile.  He figures it's safer to crawl on tile rather than walk on it and risk falling.
  4. He knows Mommy doesn't want to be chasing after a walking toddler.
  5. He knows it would be pretty difficult to try to find some shoes that we could get onto those feet of his.  Until he's walking, he gets to go barefoot when we're out.
  6. He's pretty dang cautious- after all, he is related to me.  :)
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