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Reasons for choosing organic cosmetics

Posted Jan 11 2013 9:41am 2 Comments

Everyone want to be beautiful, some people are born very beautiful others make themselves look beautiful by wearing makeup. It is true that wearing makeup can make you look pretty. But there are some side effects to your skin by using to many cosmetics. So, it is better for you to choose some organic cosmetics. Why do I say so?

Organic beauty products are better for your skin because what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body. Evidence abounds for the healing powers of handmade natural products, particularly when essential oils are included.

The first and most important reason to choose an organic eyeshadow is that it is avoiding the usage of these potentially hazardous and deadly chemicals. Cosmetics on a whole contain a plethora of substances that can cause cancer, liver failure, skin damage, and a number of other harmful if not downright deadly health issues. More about cosmetics:?cosmetic displays

Besides, organic goods are beneficial for the skin in lots of ways. Beautiful Aroma Most of these organic products smell wonderful. They are generally produced from essential oils derived from flowers, fruits or herbs. These products have a very natural aroma to them and do not use artificial fragrances which are mostly used in synthetic beauty products. Some from the common fragrances that could raise the senses can be of lavender, rose, vanilla, papaya, berries and coconut. No Hidden Ingredients There could be no hidden ingredients in a organic product because the aroma of it would say it all. If your packaging says ‘rose’ you can smell the fragrance of it in there.

Moreover, organic natural products are better for the environment. Organic natural skin care products are better for the environment because organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Fertilizers and chemicals all have a destructive effect on our water, soil and health.

Organic products are completely natural. They do not employ the use of any synthetically obtained material or chemical and hence are completely safe. Due to their all natural nature, they pose no harm to your body. They are in fact far more beneficial since they increase the skin’s regenerative abilities apart from ensuring longevity of young looking skin.

With so many benefits of organic products, why not choose them to make you look beautiful?

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Great article!  It's so important that the word gets out about the dangers in using non organic skin care and natural makeup products.  The toxic chemicals in all of the leading North American Cosmetics had nasty and dangerous side affects, ironically they promote enhanced aging and have links to cancer....and yet these chemicals are marketed to mask or prevent aging all in support of being inline with healthy skin care.

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sorry folks.....links didn't work...Arbonne has pure skincare and makeup for all including babies and men.  Great deals are found when looking for Arbonne Discounts..the company is International and been around for 30 years! 

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