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RC Jet Airplanes-How to go about?

Posted Mar 15 2013 8:51am

Ever seen a fighter jet flying at a close range to you? Breathtaking isn’t it! You wish that you could fly one of those F-22 Raptors or an F-16 Fighting Falcons; well with the advancement in  Remote Control jet airplanes technology you can have the same exhilarating experience of flying those mean machines at high speed. Mind you, when I say high speed it means flying at speeds in excess of 100 mph. That is really fast. Though the plane is a miniaturized version of the real things, the experience is the same. Those interested in flying these mean monsters really, really need to have a lot of confidence and skill in order to fly any of these RC jets because you need extremely fast reactions in order to maneuver them.
But before you get all pumped up and ready to fly these RC aircrafts there are some things you must know before flying your first RC jet.

First and foremost, you must have an incredible lot of experience flying the basic RC aircraft, i.e. remote controlled airplanes, the slower versions of RC aircrafts. If you’re thinking why, then the straight forward answer is; experience counts a whole lot in flying RC jet airplanes. Controlling an aircraft flying at high speeds is something you will only learn once you have mastered the basics in flying an RC airplane.

When buying your RC airplane and/or jet plane, make sure you research about all the different models in the market. Go through the pros and cons of each one and make the right choice. Selecting the Ready To Fly (RTF) RC airplanes are better than buying the ones where the parts need assembling and if you are new to this hobby going for RTF is better since assembly will need some experience in getting all the parts together in the right way and will save you a lot of time in building them. Joining a flying club helps immensely in getting expert technical help and guidance in selecting your RC airplane and later your remote controlled jet airplane that will suit you according to your skill and level. You will also find a lot of info and tips on blogs and forums that will give you an idea what you should have and what other preparations are needed. For starters, the ducted fan jets are the easiest to handle and these are the most popular ones nowadays. The propellers and engines are hidden inside the duct and are a whole lot safer. You could begin training with these ones as they are best suited as beginners RC planes. 

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