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Raw Recovery Holiday (Healing!) Gift Guide

Posted Dec 08 2012 12:04am

For a while I really enjoyed reviewing different products in my Saturday Spotlight posts, but then life got in the way as it often does and I didn’t stick with it.  Consider this an ultimate spotlight post as I share with you my favorite things from this year.  I really like giving (and receiving–just being honest!) gifts that have a deeper purpose, so  I thought that sharing ideas for healing gifts might be a fun twist.  Enjoy!

*Note: I do own every item on this list so I can vouch for them.  I do not however have my own pictures of each of them, so my apologies!

Salt Crystal Candle Holder or Lamp 

I love candles and I love salt crystals. I bought this salt crystal votive holder for $8 at Whole Foods.  I’ve now seen actual salt crystal lamps as well as this candle holder at several Whole Foods locations near me, and the prices were much more reasonable than what I’ve found elsewhere.  I love the soft glow that these candles give off and I keep one on my nightstand and light it before I go to bed.  Once I’m about to fall asleep I blow it out, but it gives the room a nice warmth with the light.

Salt Crystal Heart from Ten Thousand Villages 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep holding onto this heart.  Salt crystals are thought to release negative ions, but looking at this heart and holding it just makes me feel so much calmer.  It’s great for those who are prone to anxiety or depression, because having something to hold can release tension and the shape of the heart can help them focus on (self)- love. You can find it here .

Basic Knead Reflexology Sox 

I love covering my feet in my favorite lotion (see below) and then slipping on these socks .  I love how it tells you which spot coordinates to what organ and I find it fun and relaxing.  They also have a “romantic” version, so if you are looking for a gift for that special someone and massage is your thing, check these out!

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf 

(Image source)

There used to be a Lululemon store pretty close to my apartment in Philly, and I’d frequently go there as a study break.  I saw the Vinyasa scarf and fell in love with how soft it was and how it could double as a shawl.  There are so many possibilities with this infinity scarf! I gifted it to myself as an “I finished my thesis” gift and I love it.  It’s a little on the pricey side, so if you love scarves/shawls and soft fabric, consider this splurge!  I also snuggle with it on days that I’m feeling sad.  Something about the softness of the fabric an the memory of when I got it really puts me in a better mood.

 For me, there is nothing more soothing than the thought of being snuggled up by a fire and watching movies.  As a kid, we had a wood burning fire place in our house and my dad would make fires and we’d watch movies together as a family.  I cherish those memories.  Once I got to college, I missed having fire places to sit next to and these candles are the perfect solution! The wicks are made of wood and create a crackling sound when ignited.  It sounds like a fireplace and they have lots of delicious scents! My favorite is the Cinnamon Chai and Agave.  (I also have a coffee one that is a runner up!)

The mini ones are perfect if you need to ship a gift, and a couple of those with some bath products (see below) would be a lovely spa at home gift!

Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil 

Last year I went to a spa in downtown Denver with my mom and sister and I had an Agave Oil pedicure.  I thought the idea of Agave for your body was really interesting, and my legs and feet felt so soft afterwards.  This year that spa had a Black Friday sale and I bought some of this oil.  This is hands down my all time FAVORITE body product now.  It’s not too greasy, it soaks into your skin really well, is more moisturizing than lotion, it’s great for sensitive skin (especially after you’ve shaved), and it has a light sweet scent that isn’t overpowering but is absolutely heavenly.  It is a vegan product but unfortunately it isn’t gluten free (just to warn my GF friends out there).

Aveda Foot Relief 

One thing I love about winter is wearing boots and slippers (although I have yet to find a great pair of Vegan Uggs).  The downside to closed toe cozy shoes? Hot and sweaty.  The remedy? This lotion. As far as foot cream goes, you can’t get better than this.  It’s highly moisturizing and deodorizing due to the lavender, rosemary, and peppermint oils. Want to it give it a little something extra? Mix a drop of peppermint oil into the lotion before you rub it in…it will lend an extra burst of freshness, which you’ll be grateful for when you are constantly taking on and off your shoes this season.

Jade Yoga Mat 

I first started yoga back in February.  I took an Intro to Yoga class at a really great studio a block away from my apartment in Philadelphia.  Very quickly I fell in love with how yoga made me feel and I decided to invest in a Jade Yoga mat.  I absolutely love it! It has an excellent grip and I have never had problems with sliding on it (although I haven’t done a hot yoga class with it, so be sure to use an appropriate towel in that situation).  The mat is fair trade, which I love to support, and the color makes me happy, though they have a large assortment to choose from! You can find them here . A portion of the profit from this Jade Teal mat is donated to Ovarian Cancer research, which is another reason I chose this color. Everyone benefits!

*Note: My body doesn’t require a heavily cushioned yoga mat, so if you need one that has more cushion, you may want to look at Jade’s Fusion mat .

Mohdoh: Aromatherapy Playdoh 

I wish I could have snapped a picture of my stash, but they are at my apartment and I’m not.  I own all of them except the slim and headeez.  My cousin surprised me with this huge collection as a graduation gift and I LOVE them.  They have a foamy texture, so they aren’t sticky like playdoh, but the Unwind scent really calms me down before bed.  This is a great gift for that person who loves aromatherapy and is also a little adventurous :)

Well there you have it! I hope I introduced you to some new and exciting products. I will be doing a Part 2 that will include my favorite healing books of this year, as well as some other goodies.

Have a great weekend!

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