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Queen of Cheese

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

For someone who is allergic to dairy, it might sound odd to have this title bestowed upon me. But since I'm the one doing it, I know where to find me if I get upset over it later. Tomorrow, I may be the queen of something else anyway. Often, according to my mate, I am the Queen of Non Sequitur. I'll take that too! It's ok for a lady to have more than one tiara.

As you know, I'm a firm believer in the funny, the magical, and (eh hem) am royalty. The next possible, obvious, step was as the Queen of Cheese. What does it mean? Ah, the infamous new age, human searching question. It means that I have choice, free will, to be who I want to be whenever I want to be. And if I'm feeling cheesy, why not be the queen of it?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for consistent messaging. You want to know who you're dealing with, especially when it comes to doing something significant like changing yourself/your life. Education counts. As does experience. But, for me, these questions are equally important - Do you like the person? Does the rapport feel comfortable? Do I feel better or worse after I interact with them?

These past few weeks I've spent some time playing around on the internet and have been exposed to a lot of information about "Branding." According to the range of marketing experts I've been looking up, there is a specific cookie cutter type approach to presenting yourself.

The websites I've come across look eerily similar. They promise extravagant results in health ( 100% vibrant optimal health yours immediately ), money ( billions coming to you right now, check your mailbox ), and, of course, soulmates ( mail order yours, delivery tomorrow ). And they all seem to come with something downloadable once you submit your email. I had someone incredulously remark "You mean people have signed up for your newsletter without an incentive?!"

Uh, yes, I'm the incentive, not a 7 step secret to everything! I say this in jest, partially. I've downloaded. I've signed up. I like 7 step secrets to everything. There are many, many great resources out there. I think it's a lovely way to introduce someone to more about what you can offer them. One day, I too will offer you something for free besides a newsletter and a sample coaching session. I just want to maintain my voice in the process.

Not to knock these fine colleagues in business and service, we all have our niche, our preference for how we present ourselves, and our specific audiences we tailor to. That's the great thing about the internet, and life in general - there is something for everybody. If this doesn't float your boat, something else will. Nothing personal, no harm done. Best wishes. Farewell. See you on the flip side.

So, for those of you reading this post, here's my message:

Let your life bloom.

I believe life naturally wants to bloom, and it's up to us to let it. I believe when you take care of yourself, when health becomes a way of life, not just a part of life; when you learn to trust your gut and live by that in all situations; and when you live in a way that's fulfilling for you - life does bloom.

I believe in this concept with all my heart, with every aspect of my being, in all seriousness, and in all humor. Sometimes I will be funny and happy, sometimes inspirational and spiritual, sometimes educational and resourceful, and there may even be times where I may be something that has nothing to do with any of the above types. Very long, grammatically incorrect sentence. Ha, I can do that too!

I promise you, my message will stay consistent, and taste just as good tomorrow as it does today.

IMAG0051IMAG0052 IMAG0053 IMAG0054

This is a cartoon panel that hung on the wall when I was growing up. Amateur computer skills at play. Coaching reframe? Opportunity to look at it from a different perspective and get a little closer to my site ;-9

To your royalty, and whatever else you want to be...

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