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Quantum Touch Energy Healing: An Amazing Tool for Health and Well-Being

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:57pm

Today, I want to tell you about Quantum Touch. I just remembered that I had neglected to update my contact information in my practitioner bio, and decided to get it fixed. And then I thought, hmmm, I’ve never written a post about this. So I better do it right now!

Especially considering the title of my blog: My FAVORITE self-help stuff! And Quantum Touch has literally transformed my life (along with EFT). So it’s high time that I write about it.

What is Quantum Touch?

It is an energy healing technique that you can use both on others and on yourself.  And this particular (very powerful) energy healing approach was developed by Richard Gordon (or maybe discovered…  you have to read his story).

How did I first find out about it?

I first discovered it a little over four years ago at an alternative health fair.  At the time, I was suffering from extreme stress and had a lot of physical symptoms that went along with it, including severe back and neck pain.  I went to my chiropractor two or three times a week, something I couldn’t afford, and was STILL was in pain.

When I read about Quantum Touch in the event brochure, I was skeptical.  “You can heal with your hands” it said.  Yeah, right! I had to see what that was all about…

What happened next?

It was pretty boring to watch.  The expert held his hands lightly around the area that the “patient” had said was hurting, and did what looked like a bit of special breathing.  After a few minutes, the “patient” said her pain was gone.

It doesn’t always work as dramatically, I have found out since, but it almost always reduces the pain significantly.  As for me, once I discovered that I could work on myself and could learn how to work on others, I decided to give it a shot. I figured, if I could cut down on my chiropractor visits even by 50%, the workshop would be paid for within a month or two. As it happened, it got way better than that.

How well does it work?

After my first workshop, I was encouraging enough that I decided to explore further, and it took an advanced workshop (Super-Charging) to really make a difference, but after that, I was thrilled to discover that it really worked.

I worked on my own back, and on my persistent insomnia that had required major artillery including prescription drugs, aromatherapy, hypnotic sleep-inducing music, herbs, and a bunch of other tricks, all at once, and sometimes I still couldn’t sleep.  Now I used a little aromatherapy, a small dose of calming herbs if needed, and Quantum touch.  And slept better than I had in many years.

My chiropractor thought I had started seeing a colleague because I changed my schedule to once every three to four weeks, feeling better in the meantime than I had before.

I love it.  I worked on friends, and then people I didn’t know, and eventually became certified as a Quantum Touch practitioner.

How does Quantum Touch work?

How does it work?  The basic idea is that when something is wrong with your body, its vibration has a very slow frequency.  However, when someone vibrates with a higher frequency and holds her hands around the part that hurts, the hurting part’s vibration will start to adjust to the higher frequency  and allow it to heal itself.  That’s the theory behind it, or at least part of it.

Want to find out more about Quantum Touch? 

Just go to their website at for lots more information.

You can also read about it:

Richard and his colleagues have written three books (the third one will come out in January):

Quantum Touch

Super Charging

Core Transformation

The first one is the introduction and the basic Quantum Touch technique. The second one provides some powerful add-on techniques, and the third one will turn the entire process on its head. I can’t wait to read it. I took the Core Transformation workshop, which must have been the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done, but I had tons of questions afterwards, so I look forward to filling in a few gaps.

Can you learn to do it too?

Yes. The coolest thing about Quantum Touch is that it’s really not that hard. You can literally start doing it after just reading the book, though a workshop is of course very helpful because you get to practice on others and can watch others do it too. In fact, that was one of the coolest things about the workshops: people all work on each other. So after I got home, I felt wonderfully realigned.

Well, that was a long post. I hope you all have a very relaxing weekend, and if you have pain of any kind, do consider checking this out for yourself.

Elisabeth, also known as Dr. K

Some people suggested I start using “Dr. K”!  I’m not a medical doctor — my Ph.D. is in linguistics, but a doctorate is a doctorate.

What do you think?

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