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Professional GHD IV Styler Styling Set

Posted Dec 27 2012 9:18am

The fashion industry has been constantly plagued by unscrupulous types targeting their products for cheap and illegal counterfeits and fakes. However, one brand is certainly feeling the pinch from this onslaught: GHD have felt the full force of this type of attack on their products.


GHD Straightener  are now been targeted on a massive scale across the internet and being copied at an alarming rate, if you search across any search engine across Europe on the search term "GHD straighteners" you will see numerous sites in the paid listings featuring cheap GHD straighteners, these items are priced well below the RRP and obviously illegal counterfeits. GHD are a very successful brand and have managed to develop a monopoly on a niche, very much in the same way Microsoft and Google have with the internet and software. This has lead to them being a target for criminals to take a piece of the pie.


Fake GHD straighteners are produced at varying levels of quality and I have seen many levels of copying in my career, I have also heard horror stories of counterfeit GHD Australia   overheating and even bursting into flames. This easily illustrates why they should be avoided at all costs. The problem faced by GHD is that fact that people want to buy cheap GHD and they don't care how they get them, this fact alone opens the door to illegal activity.


More than most companies GHD have put great efforts in reducing the impact of the counterfeiters. One thing they have implemented is an approved GHD retailer's check box; this banner allows users to check if the site they are on is an approved GHD retailer. Whilst this does protect people from falling on a cheap GHD site by accident, it still does not halt the spread of people willingly buying counterfeit products. One other step GHD have put in place is a registration process, here you can check that your cheap GHD are not fakes, it also entitles you to some support from the brand if you have an official  GHD IV Styler Styling Set   .


I feel really sorry for this brand, as they have been targeted in such an aggressive manner, they have worked hard to carve out a niche and become a success, only to have a chunk taken away. Admittedly some people buy fakes knowingly, but in this case many people are being duped into buying dangerous and unsafe products. bs20121227
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