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Preparing for Success

Posted Oct 06 2012 10:04pm

preparing for success Your success is essentially a done deal… but are you lined up to meet it?

If you have a preschooler in preschool you probably know there is a learning activity called “sequencing”. It’s an expansion of the exercise of teaching children patterns… you know what I’m talking about as there is often a variation on this theme in math puzzles and IQ tests asking you to look at a certain pattern and predict what comes next. Sequencing activities often involve a stack of cards with images on them. The images, laid out in order, reveal a story. Put the cards in the ‘wrong’ sequence and you end up with a silly, or nonsensical, story.

There are laws governing our Universe that set up some parameters around how we create here in our lives. When you start understanding that things manifest when a specific sequence of ‘events’ occur then you can start paying attention to where you are in the sequence (for instance, you’ve got to stay general and really feel what it is you desire before you move into the specifics) and when you start paying attention you realize your dreams will manifest more quickly when you get a handle on where you are in the sequence at any given moment.

This is what Abe is discussing below… with a very good example that just might help you see how you can best prepare yourself for the success already in your vortex!


“The grid filling-in, isn’t the action. The grid filling-in is preparing for the action.”

“The grid filling-in is the same thing as saying, the current manifestation in progress.”

A conversation about feeling the temptation to fill-in your own grid and being wise enough to know that you can’t.

“We’re talking about preparing yourself vibrationally which means you’ve got to get off the specifics and stay general, because as long as you’re talking about specifics, you’re going to activate things that don’t allow things to unfold smoothly.”

“We want the pleasure of the conscious, deliberate gridding to be as significant as the pleasure of packing up and moving to Seattle.”

A few additional points:

- Fear means you’re not feeling ready for what you want.
- You’ve got to go general to create your vibrational point of receiving.

Excerpted from Abraham LIVE North Los Angeles, CA 7/14/12.

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